Alcoholic Beverages
Aerosols or any spray device
Bingo Markers
Box cutters
Brass Knuckles

Bug Spray
Bullets (anything resembling or similar)
Cameras / Recording Devices
Can Openers of any kind, including P38’s
Cans - aluminum and metal

Camera phones*
Cell phones*
Cigarette Lighters/Matches
Combs - metal or rattail
Cord-like Objects (including ropes, chains, straps, heavy belts, and wires)

Curling Irons
Dental Floss
Drug Paraphernalia
Explosive Materials or Objects
Flatware (which includes knives, forks or spoons)
Glass or Mirrors of any kind (including glass bottles of any kind)
Guns or replicas of guns

Grease Pencil
Hair Clippers
Hair Spray
Headphones (with cords)
Heavy Metal Objects
Highlighters or Markers* 

Illegal Drugs
Knives (any kind)
Laptop Computers

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Information on Friend of the Court of the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Wayne County in Detroit Michigan.

Services Hours Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan Judges

Honorable Robert J. Colombo Jr.

Chief Judge

Room #701 CAYMC

Phone: (313) 224-5430

Hon. Timothy M. Kenny
Chief Judge Pro Tem

Room #602 FMHJ

Phone: (313) 224-2506

Ms. Zenell B. Brown
Executive Court Administrator

Room #711 CAYMC

Phone: (313) 224-5271 / FAX (313) 224-6070

  • ​Jan  2, 2017 - New Year's Day (Observed) 

  • Jan 16, 2017 - Martin Luther King Day

  • Feb 20, 2017 - President's Day

  • May 29, 2017 - Memorial Day

  • Jul  4, 2017 - Independence Day

  • Sep  4, 2017 - Labor Day

  • Oct  9, 2017 - Columbus Day

  • Nov 23, 2017 - Thanksgiving Day

  • Nov 24, 2017 - Day after Thanksgiving

  • Dec 22, 2017 - Christmas Eve (Observed)

  • Dec 25, 2017 - Christmas Day

  • Dec 26, 2017 - Designated Swing Day

  • Dec 27, 2017 - Designated Swing Day

  • Dec 28, 2017 - Designated Swing Day

  • Dec 29, 2017 - New Year's Eve (Observed)

645 Griswold St., Ste #150

Detroit, MI 48226

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Toll Free 1-877-543-2660

Friend of the Court Staff (Detroit)

Kent Weichmann  

Interim Friend of the Court
Room #224 PNB 
Phone: (313) 224-5300

Richard Smart

Deputy Court Administrator – Juvenile Division
Room #LHJ 

Phone: (313) 833-4777 / FAX (313) 833-1787

Alisa Shannon
Deputy Court Administrator – Criminal Division
Room #FMHJ

Phone: (313) 224-2506 / FAX (313) 224-7842


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PHONE: (313) 561-5700

(Excluding court holidays / see the court observed holidays on the bottom of this page.)

Prohibited Items

Third Judicial Circuit Court

(Friend Of The Court) 

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Wayne Oakland Macomb Counties

Address (Friend of the Court Division)

Law Offices

Hair Clippers
Hair Spray
Headphones (with cords)
Heavy Metal Objects
Highlighters or Markers* 

Illegal Drugs
Knives (any kind)
Laptop Computers
Large Bags of any kind, including: duffle bags, backpacks, oversize purses)
Large Perfume Bottles
Laser Pointer
Mace, Pepper Spray
Master Locks
Nail Clippers / Metal nail files
Needles of any kind (except with medical documentation)
Noisemakers of any kind
Paints of any kind
Palm Pilots*
Pencil Sharpener
Radios (or headsets)
Razors or Razor Blades
Safety Pins

Staplers or Staple removers
Stick or cane style umbrellas
Tools of any sort (which includes hammers, saw, measuring tape, etc.)
Video Games, giga pets, gameboys, etc.
Weapon-like objects, including bats, clubs, batons, irons)
Weapons, including toys or replicas**