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Divorce Lawyer "near me" is a territory expansion of the "divorce lawyer" and divorce mediation legal services of Michael D. Eberth and Brent M. Lamkin of Nichols & Eberth, P.C. Michael Eberth is now expanding the law firm practice by servicing clients throughout the ENTIRE DOWNRIVER MCHIGAN AREA within Wayne County Michigan. The law firm currently has offices throughout Wayne County, and Oakland County. (We also will service Macomb County Clients (See office location pages maps and contact information.)

Michael D. Eberth

Michael Eberth has joined Charles Nichols and started Nichols & Eberth Law Offices based in Dearborn (main office) and honed their legal skills in mediation, divorce & family law as one of their focused specialties. Then Michigan Mediation Centers were created as a result from years of mediation successes. 




Michael Eberth, experienced divorce mediator (arbitrator).


Michael Eberth, divorce lawyer/family lawyer, has been practicing law since 1994.

Michael Eberth is an expert courtroom litigator. He has prevailed for his clients in many trials against his opposition. (Other attorneys will pass their client off to a litigation attorney if the case can not be settled out of court.) Michael is hands-on  until the legal case is finished. Michael also is in close communication with his clients throughout the entire legal case.

Michael Eberth specializes in all areas of family law including divorce, post-divorce disputes, custody and parenting time issues, paternity, prenuptial agreements and estate planning.

*Michael Eberth is now providing legal divorce services in the following areas: ​Allen Park, Brownstown, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile, Lincoln Park, Melvindale, Riverview, Rockwood, Romulus, Southgate,Taylor Park, Van Buren, Woodhaven, and Wyandotte in Michigan. 

Michael Eberth, expert courtroom litigator.

Michael D. Eberth, of Nichols & Eberth P.C., is one of the most effective and experienced divorce lawyers in the Greater Downriver area in Michigan. Author, lecturer, guest speaker for accredited law schools, and prevailing for his clients, Michael has forged his skills as a master negotiator (arbitrator) (see Divorce Mediation page) with proven strategies as a courtroom litigator as well as a wide vernacular of "case law" within his legal specialties.

A good divorce lawyer should also be a successful experienced mediator. Divorce mediation facilitation is a wise thing to do before going to court, especially before any court proceedings begin in a divorce (or legal separation). When a couple decides to initiate their own divorce mediation facilitation both parties can chose their facilitation mediator (also referred as an arbitrator) and avoid going to court if parties involved mutually agree upon a settlement (child visitations, assets, spousal support, pensions and other divorce settlement issues). Through divorce mediation the goal for an early settlement agreement will avoid valuable time, potential court and litigation costs, and stress to those involved. A good experienced mediator can truly shorten and streamline the process. In fact, most family law courts require an attempt at settlement facilitation prior to a trial of the divorce case (and the court chooses one for you). NOTE: Most divorce mediation usually takes 4-8 hours on average. So why wait for divorce court proceedings? Why wait to have the court choose your mediator for you? Why go to court if you can avoid court costs? Why pay for litigation? Learn more with a free consultation with Nichols & Eberth.

Nichols & Eberth divorce mediation facilitation has unique techniques resulting in proven quick success with decades of divorce mediation resolutions for divorce couples and legal separations. Through experience their time proven techniques has saved couples thousands of dollars in streamlining divorce mediation and even never going to court! Ask how, by calling Michael Eberth (313) 561-5700